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“You can just feel the love when you come through the door,” has been a recurring statement from the people who attend and have visited all our campuses. 


"You're one of the lucky ones!" Words uttered by my physician this morning. After 18 months of being off all medications, my doctor once again has found no signs of Crohn's disease. I say, I'm not lucky. I'm highly favored by The Lord! My Ultimate Physician is in the healing business, and I have received mine!"



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Dallas Witt
Lead Pastor

"My husband and I believe in giving and tithing. God consistently honors our giving. A few weeks ago I began to worry about money. I was letting it really get to me. After a particular worrisome day, I checked the mail, and we got a refund check for a medical bill I thought we would actually owe on! So there was no debt, and we had much more than enough. God's grace is amazing, even in my worry. He showed me who He is and told me 'Why worry? Don't be ridiculous!'


Buddy & Sarah

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Dallas Witt

Lead Pastor


LifeChurch.LA is a multi-site church with campuses across North Louisiana.  Come join us at a campus near you!

  • Ruston Campus
    Address: 3000 S.Vienna
    Phone:   (318) 251-0611
  • Jonesboro Campus
    Address: 735 Pershing HWY
    Phone:   (318) 251-0611
  • Springhill Campus
    ​Address: 148 Academy Dr.
    Phone:    (318) 539-3891

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Dallas Witt

Lead Pastor