Water Baptism & Communion

Sunday, August 20

​Water baptism is an experience after salvation to confirm and strengthen your commitment to living a godly life.  It's a physical act representing your union with Jesus Christ. Essentially, you are saying goodbye to the old man and hello to the new creation you are in Christ Jesus.

Also, our communion is open to every follower of Jesus Christ.  Communion takes places as an extension of our worship service.  

Fall Semester Life Group Kick Off

Sunday, September 3

Life was never meant to live alone.  Here at LifeChurch.LA we believe that Life Groups are a place where we FINDFREEDOM in our lives.  Life Groups provide three things:  a place to connect, a place to protect, and a place to grow.  The Fall semester lasts 13 weeks (September-Novemeber).  We will have around 60 different groups so we know there will be one that is designed especially for you. 

Meet & Greet
Sunday, September 3
The staff of LifeChurch.LA are excited to get to know you at our next Meet and Greet, Sunday, September 3rd. If you are new to LIFECHURCH.LA or you have been here for decades, this event is for you. This Meet & Greet kicks off our first week of Growth Track.  Growth Track is a four week journey sharing the heart and vision that drives us as the church.  A light lunch will be served. Please RSVP here.

     Ruston    12:30 PM
     Jonesboro    after service
     Springhill    after service 

Growth Track 
Every Sunday

We believe in providing our church family with the tools needed to grow and succeed in their God-given gifts and callings.  Growth Track is where you will have the opportunity to discover your purpose and make a difference for the Kingdom of God.  Growth Track lasts only four weeks with the first week being our Pastors Meet & Greet as mentioned above.  The first week is after service, and the other three weeks are during the Sunday School hour.  This track is a revolving door, meaning that you can join in at anytime.  You don't have to wait for week #1 to roll back around. 

     Ruston     10:15 AM in Room 301 (Weeks #2-4)
     Jonesboro  9:15 AM (Weeks #2-4)
     Springhill    9:30 AM ​(Weeks #2-4)