Healed of Cancer

"In order to understand, you need a little background information. I grew immensely in Christ during my first pregnancy and leading up to the birth. I opened myself up to God's will and His promises more than I ever had before. I was incredibly thankful and honored to be a woman and get such a unique perspective on God's love for us through having a child of my own. I followed God's leading and had a healthy baby boy, only by His grace! He gets all the glory. I knew I wanted to breastfeed my baby. Fast forward to having a two month old, being a mom to a tiny baby that needed me all the time. God answered another prayer of mine, and I gained my Caroline (that's a whole other testimony, but if you know me you know how much of a blessing she is!). Because God loves us so much he was fulfilling many of the desires of my heart. That is precisely when the attack began... I had horrible pain in my abdomen that was worse than childbirth, out of nowhere. At the ER we learned I had an ovarian cyst that had burst. I also had a very large cyst (large navel orange) on my right ovary and a smaller one on the left. I had to find an OB, I no longer had medical insurance and had to wait at University Health for more testing. This trial lasted several months, and really began to get me down because we had bad news rolling in at every appointment; Along with medical bills stacking up. The worst of which was tumor marker tests were off the charts for ovarian cancer. The only way to get a definitive diagnosis was to take the cyst out, along with my ovary, possibly more. I knew this would really upset my breastfeeding relationship (and I was SET on making it to a year), and the possibly of chemotherapy, radiation and not being able to have more kids was what made my faith snap back into place. I finally called this what it was. A LIE straight from Hell. I got angry and got myself into the Word. The timing of this was ridiculous, it could only be orchestrated by the master deceiver himself. I declined the surgery, after a clear word and direction from God, and wouldn't allow this to steal my joy as a new mother, after so many answered prayers, and I wouldn't allow Satan to have my purpose. God is so good! That is when the good news trickled in. The cyst began to shrink and over a couple months it was GONE and the cancer blood tests were back to normal. The doctors and nurses were puzzled. Fast forward to now, I'm pregnant again. I know that Satan was out to steal my blessings, but he is a liar and God gets the final word. I just had to stand on it, it was scary, but God IS faithful! Also, we never got the final medical bill, its not in their system. God took, what the devil was trying to do and blessed my family. He is a good, good father!" - Lindsay

Bullying Case Resolved

"Pastor Dallas asked us to meditate on Psalms 23 as a church body. So as I meditated during that week I experienced a presence from God that I had never experienced before. On one day in particular as I was praying and recalling Psalms 23 back to the Lord and just praying out to Him His word, the spirit of God filled my bedroom and I heard God say ,"you have cried out to me,now I need you to hush and now listen", so I layed across my bed and remained quiet . At that moment, it was like the ceiling of my room opened up and heaven just rested in my room and it was physically heaven touching earth, I felt His presence and Him say "whatever you ask of me now will be done." I was experiencing an open heaven!!!! Being spirituality at the feet of God and Him reaching down to touch my head and bless me. Within me praying to God I asked Him to deliver my 10 year old from a bully at school and He did just that this same week. The bully admitted all he had done to my son and all was taking care of by the principal!! Just total victory!! I cannot wait to testify on how God answers the other things I prayed. God is faithful and honors His word!!!!" - Laveka

Severe Pain in Back Healed

"I walked into South Parkway Church last night (12.31.14) in so much pain I could hardly walk. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs from L2-S1, spinal stenosis, nerve damage, spurs and degenerative discs. Have tried to grin and bear it but have been praying for healing more lately than ever. When Harold Hawks prayed for me, the pain in my lower back just went away. It felt so good today to be pain free and to enjoy the relief. God is so kind and good. I'm so thankful for a positive church leadership that teaches hope and healing and love." - Melody

Stiffness in Back Muscles Healed

At the end of our 9AM service yesterday (11/23/14), many in the church came to the altar to surrender to God their everyday lives to His use. As people began to leave the altar, a man notice that the stiffness in the muscles in his back were gone. The same stiffness that had been there for over 5 years! He continued to check it throughout the day, and absolutely no stiffness remains in his back! God is the Healer! All glory to Him.

Arm Healed

On March 28th, I fell in the kitchen at work. I outstretched my left arm. I went to the ER to have it checked out. Nothing was broken just extremely sprained. My arm was in an arm sling for 5 weeks. The pain slowly subsided over time. But 2 weeks ago, the pain returned! To turn my arm left was horrific. Caring for my 7 kids and hubby was not easy. I dealt with the pain on a daily basis. I even began to make an appointment with my orthopedic dr. Two days ago, I asked Chris to lay hands on my arm and pray. Long story short, I went to bed at 10:00 pm that night, and at 4 am, it was like God woke me up and told me to "move my arm." I did and the pain was gone! Some stiffness remains, but the pain I was experiencing has vanished! I can turn it and the knot that came up on my arm has left, too! I am giving God all of the Glory and Honor! I am telling everyone of my healing! God still heals! Hallelujah!!!

- Brandy C.

100% Healed

April 9, 2014, a lady came to our Noon Prayer with severe back pain and discouragement. Well, our God is good because she left 100% free of all back pain and full of joy!

Back & Knee Pains Gone

"Last Wednesday night when the altar call was given by Brittani for back and knee pain, I went forward. Immediately when I got to the altar, I started feeling the pain ease up and go away. That was before Brittani even prayed. When she prayed, I couldn't feel any more pain. It was gone completely. I had gotten to where I could hardly stand on both my legs. Mrs. Jenny Edu and another lady had prayed the week before for the pain in my leg to cease, but I still had knee and back pain. I was able to stand after they prayed, but it was only on both feet and I couldn't stand to bend my knee at all. I felt a heat come through my leg and the pain was completely gone this Wednesday night. After that, I went and prayed with a lady for healing, and she was instantly healed also! I guess God's power was just jumping all over the place that night. What a mighty God we serve!" 

- Kelli W.

Victory Over Death

I believe the miracle of Dally’s puppy actually began on 1/20/2014 when I heard Jesse Duplantis quote 1 Chronicles 16:11 – Seek the Lord and His strength and His face (presence) continually. The word “strength” caught my attention.

The next morning I turned to the scripture to look at it further. I picked up a notebook to write in and discovered that back in May 2013 and June 2013 the Lord must have been dealing with me about asking Him for His power. I had not remembered writing down anything about power. From my notes the Lord had again dealt with me about asking Him for power in August 2013. So here I am in January 2014 again writing in my notebook about seeking and asking God for His power. I ended my devotional time by asking God for His power.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 I went to check on Dally and her puppies. Cole had come in saying 4 of the 6 puppies had died through the night. The light he had put in the pen to help keep them warm undoubtedly did not keep them warm enough. So after he left for work I decided to bring Dally and the 2 remaining puppies in the house.

To my dismay one of the puppies was dead or at least almost dead. His body was stiff, his legs were straight out, and Dally had pushed him to the side. I left him and proceeded with getting Dally and the living puppy into the house.  I then took hot water out to the chickens so they would have something to drink, gathered the eggs, fed the horses, and checked on Gus. I had decided I would let Cole do something with the dead puppy, and then changed my mind.

I went out to the pen and had to get a shovel to be able to get the puppy close enough for me to reach. I thought, “Did I see his paw move slightly?”

He was stiff but the thought came to me perhaps if I rub him I can get some warmth in him and his blood circulating. As I was doing this it was as if the Spirit of the Lord came over me and without even really thinking about it turned the puppy’s face to my face and began blowing upon his face. As I did I heard myself saying these words, “I breathe the life of God over you! Come Alive! Father, I ask you for a sign and a wonder for me and for Cole.”

Again I continued blowing air in his face and saying, “Come Alive! I breathe the life of God on you!”

Well the puppy didn’t show any signs of life but he wasn’t stiff any longer, so I decided to put him in my pocket while I got something to put feed and water in for Dally. I brought the “lifeless” puppy in the house. I put him beside Dally, rubbed him a little bit and left.

Later I came back and there still did not appear to be any change. I went to call Cole to see where he wanted me to dispose of the puppy. Several minutes later Cole called back. While talking to Cole I went to look at the puppy again and I thought I heard him whimper. I picked the puppy up and he was whimpering! So I hung up the phone and began to praise God.

I put the puppy down and went to hang up the phone. When I came back to the laundry room there was movement! He was moving his legs. The Spirit of the Lord rose up in me and I heard these words from a song, “Heaven on Earth” “Something’s moving, something’s changing, see His Glory, Heaven on earth!”

I knew God had performed a miracle for me and for Cole! But it was also as though Holy Spirit was speaking to me, those things that you have not seen before you are going to begin to see more and more.  For you see in the natural I would not have had the faith or desire to pray over a puppy I thought was dead. There have been so many times we have prayed over animals and there did not appear to be any result from our praying. Just discouragement if I was honest, but never wanting to quit believing God or to quit stepping out in faith. This day, however, it was different.  I truly believe I was “saying what the Father was saying and doing what the Father was doing and He did the work”! All glory to His Name!

Yesterday I heard someone preaching about when Elisha was praying for the rain to come and he sent his servant out to see if he saw any sign of rain. The servant returned not seeing any sign. Yet Elisha knew in his heart and he heard the sound of rain. He sent his servant out again to see if he could see the rain. Elisha continued praying. At last the servant saw a cloud the size of a man’s hand! Elisha and the servant ran because the rain was coming!

Since 2011 a group of us have been meeting at noon at church to pray for the glory of the Lord and to see an awakening. To see God do the miraculous in our midst again. I believe this miracle is for us like the “cloud the size of a man’s hand” was for Elisha!  “Something’s moving, something’s changing, see His Glory, Heaven on Earth” 

As I shared this testimony in our noon time prayer, Brittani said she heard the Lord speak to her that we were to see and say, “something’s moving, something’s changing, see His Glory, heaven in our families, heaven at South Parkway Church.”

Thank you, Jesus, for doing this for Cole and for me. Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to work with You and to see this miracle!

- Kathy Crowder

January 24, 2014

Relationship Restored

I diligently waited upon the Lord and He heard my prayers and answered me on the day that my daughter called home after a long years leaving home without notice.  I was able to see and hear from her for the very first time on Thursday -12/12/2013.  It was a great relief as a mother.  The call came few days after Pastor Witt made an altar call on Wednesday which is about a week before her call.  Pastor Witt made an altar call asking the audience/congregation to come out for prayers for our lost family especially for those that have gone astray from the Lord’s will.  I yielded to the Lord’s voice, went to the altar and poured out my heart before God for my family mostly for my daughter that, like a lost coin that God should help retrieve her and touch her heart.  I am very grateful to God for His mercy and for His protection over my daughter.  She is very safe and sound as the Banner

of God was over her and was surrounded by God’s banner of love and mercy.  May God be glorified.

- Cecilia

Chest Pain Gone

"I have to go little ways back so you can understand my dilemma. I have battled with unforgiveness and some depression for many years. Gradually, I have allowed God to heal me because I had trouble letting go of some things in my past. In January my son and his wife split up with 3 children involved. There has been much drama with the ex. Recently I made amends with my ex-daughter-in-law, and God has blessed me tremendously. But my son does not like the situation of my forgiveness with her, and he has now disowned me. Through all this process, I have been having CHEST PAINS; TINGLING IN MY FINGERS; and NUMBNESS IN MY ARM. I have just brushed it off and prayed for God's healing. I believe this is totally from stress. 

Anyway, right before I came to church, I had found out about a decision my son was making that is not a good one. So I came to church last night hurting in my chest pretty bad. I was upset when I came to church. But as we worshiped, I began to let go of my son; all the unforgiveness; all the hurt; and God began to heal me. Brittani spoke that someone was being healed right now, and we needed to claim it. I claimed it!! I looked at my other son who was with me and said, "My chest isn't hurting anymore!" He said, "And you let go of all that stuff too didn't you?" I said, "Yes I did!!!"

Praise God for His loving healing power over me. I know that my son is in God's hands now, and he will be okay."

- Anonymous

Once Barren, Now with Twins

A co-worker stopped me to ask for prayers for her only daughter who has been married for many years without pregnancy. She has also gone past the child bearing age but she desires grand-children from her. She added that her daughter and husband were building a new house. As she was talking, I was quickened by the spirit of God to tell her that the season of her daughter's barrenness was over, binding and casting out the forces of darkness that has been responsible. I declared to her that by the end of 2013, her daughter will be pregnant and that the house they are building was not just for her and the husband, but will be filled with children running and making joyful noises to the glory of God. This meeting took place early this year with my nurse present as a witness. One day in June, I had an unexpected visitor in my office, same lady, the soon-to-be grandmother who came to announce that the Lord has done exactly what he had promised. Her only daughter was 16 weeks pregnant and with twins girls. You talk about jubilation and praises to the Lord by everyone present. Because of her age they had to under go testing to make sure the babies were not Down syndrome. The results, they were perfect. Healing is our portion and nothing is impossible to them that believe.

- Jenny

Enlarged Heart (Cardiomyopathy) Healed

I met this 22 year old with her mother last fall. Looking at the young lady she did not look sick until her mother shared her problem with me in our conversation. Her heart has been pumping at a 55-65% rate, because of that, she has to be on medications to help it pump at a higher rate. I asked both of them first if they believe in God, and in the power of prayers. They both confessed they were believers. I laid hands and prayed for the young lady and went my way. Our paths crossed again a few months ago and this time with a great testimony. The young lady had just visited her cardiologist down south and she has been taken off all medications because her heart is functioning and pumping normally as God created it to pump. Praise the Lord. To the reader of this testimony, I beseech you, Do not Limit the Limitless God.

- Jenny

Earaches Gone

I have been experiencing earaches and ear tingling sensations for about 8 months. I have had them looked into by a physician and they found nothing that was causing these issues. I was considering going to a specialist soon. But on Monday night at our Come Alive conference, Melissa Harris had an altar call for those needing to be healed in there body. I said that when I go to this altar "Lord I will be healed." As Melissa touch my body I felt a spirit of peace that immobilized my body. I believe I was in the total presence of God. I received healing that night. I was HEALED!! I went from earaches everyday to no pain or aches at ALL in my ear. Praise GOD the faithful HEALER!

- Laveka

Healed of Cancer

Brianna is a toddler who was diagnosed with cancer over two years ago. The church rallied together to pray for Brianna, and she was completely healed of cancer. Today, doctors confirmed once again that Brianna is CANCER FREE!!!

Instant Miracle

A man came to tonight's midweek service in Jonesboro with blurred vision in his right eye. After praying for him, his eyesight became perfectly clear! Glory to God! 

Heaven on Earth

Janet was at a local store this past week. There she met a couple of ladies who were dealing with pain and sickness in their bodies. After hearing Wednesday's message "Heaven On Earth", Janet said that the Lord told her she needed to do what she had heard from His Word at church. 

One of the ladies had severe pain in her back. Janet laid hands on her and prayed that all pain be gone. Immediately the pain left, and the woman began to leap for joy! Then, she prayed for the other lady who was ill. The lady said as Janet prayed for her that a warm heat came over her body. We believe she is healed in Jesus' name. Glory to God!

No More Crohn's Disease

"You're one of the lucky ones!" Words uttered by my physician this morning. After 18 months of being off all medications, my doctor once again has found no signs of Crohn's disease. I say, I'm not lucky. I'm highly favored by The Lord! My Ultimate Physician is in the healing business, and I have received mine! 

- Kristi

What Was Dead Is Now Alive

Thursday the 21st of March at 2:00a.m. I was woken up to what was described to me as a family emergency. No one would tell me anything except that I needed to call my mother. Well, when I made the call my mother told me that my brother was found hanging lifeless, not breathing, and heart stopped. I got to the hospital, prayed for him, and while I was praying The Lord touched him! He is now alive and well with no problems whatsoever! 

- Cole

Miraculous Healing of Cancer

My niece arrived from Nigeria to spend the holidays with us. During this period, she went thru medical check-up one of which was a mammogram. A mass was identified in one of her breast so an Ultrasound was done to confirm. It picked up not one but two masses linked to each other on one, a possible malignancy according to the report.The result was not good we were told. We as a family immediately stood in agreement and denounced the report, refusing to accept the devil's lies and decided to stand on the word for nothing less than complete healing. I declared loud and clear to my niece the devil is going to regret crossing the line, and that we are going to rub this report on his face. A referral was immediately made for biopsy as the Doc tried to prepare us for the worst outcome, surgery/chemotherapy. He did his examine and could not locate or palpate the lump. (This was the beginning of our miracle.) Meanwhile, I called the church and asked Linda to activate the prayer chain on my niece's behalf. My sunday school class also were praying. When the first doc could not do the biopsy because he could not feel the lump or masses, she was referred to a facility where an ultrasound guided biopsy could done. 

Jan 2, 2013 we traveled to the facility for the biopsy where more ultrasound films were done to confirm what was in the CD that was received and to guide their procedure. Latter when the procedure was supposed to have been over, I was called to the room to meet with the doc for a conference only to be told that he did not do the biopsy b/c he was not convinced as the masses was not seen in the ultrasound done in their facility. The Holy spirit just held me from bursting into a praise song. I knew from day one they were not going to find anything as I have had two visions concerning this issue. My niece was asked to return to the facility for further testing with a more sophistcated equipment the following Monday, January 7, 2013, just to be sure. 

We returned as instructed and more ultrasound films were obtained again still trying to located the masses that God had already disolved. I expected them to post their own films while attempting to retry performing the procedure but that was not the case becase their film did not show what they were looking for; no masses found. Praise the Lord. They had a blank check after more than 20 shots, could not find anything. They had to resort to using the intial ultasound films received from the referring doc. All her test NORMAL. Healing is our portion and it is for every believer. Who is like unto Our God? Definitely none. May His Name alone be Praised for ever

- Jenny

No More Symptoms

Two weeks ago I had been on an antibiotic to treat an upper respiratory infection. I had one last pill to take but did not feel much better and was still experiencing symptoms. At noon time prayer I was prayed over. Bro. Chris gave an altar call at the end of the service on Wednesday night and I went down again. Earlier in the afternoon I had called to see about setting up another appointment with the doctor because I was feeling so bad. But after prayer Wednesday and a good nights sleep I woke up the next morning with NO SYMPTOMS. Praise God! So I didn't go to the doctor and have been well ever since! All Glory to God!

- Kathy

Eye Sight Improving

I was diagnosed with glaucoma many years ago and have had one surgery on my right eye and five surgeries on my left eye to relieve the pressure in my eyes. Last year in 2011, I had a stint put in my left eye to help relieve the eye pressure. It has worked too well causing my eye pressure to drop down to two, which is not a good thing. So this past week on 9/20/2012 I was scheduled to have another surgery, but this time it was to put a couple of stitches to close up the flap over the stint in my eye so my eye pressure would increase because it was too, too low and was causing my vision to be blurred. I was put on the church prayer list, had my Sunday School class to pray over me, and many others praying as well. I did not want to have this surgery. I was believing God to totally heal me! Well the eye pressure did not increase like the doctor wanted it to, so I had the surgery. When he went in to place the stitches over the flap the doctor noticed that the bleb, which is the bubble that is over the stint, was leaking. The doctor told me if he had not caught the leaking bleb then it would have collapsed and scarred over and it could not have been fixed. He put a few stitches in there as well and my eye pressure is up to 17 now. Praise the Lord!!!! I am praying now and asking you to pray as well that my eye pressure will stabilized.

Update (9/289/2012): Praise the Lord! I got a GREAT report from the eye doctor today! Eye pressure is 12.5 and sight has improved to 20/25. God has been so good to me! Thank you Lord Jesus!!

- Angela 

Wart Healed

About 6 weeks ago in June 2012 I went to the doctor to have a planters wart burned off the bottom of my foot. When it started healing the wart came back but worse. I contacted the doctor and I had scheduled for him to cut it out at the end of July. I attended the No Limits Conference Healing service with Melissa Harris and God healed my foot completely! The Friday following that conference the wart fell off and there is no trace of there being a wart there! Praise God! He healed me completely!!

- Mark

Blown Up Yet Alive

Several weeks ago we prayed for a young man who was blown up in Afghanistan.  He was expected to lose his leg, arm, and eye. He had a 10% chance of survival.  He lived!  And he kept everything he was expected to lose and it all works.  We serve an awesome God.

Led a Young Lady to Jesus

I never knew I would ever meet a person in this country that has never seen a bible; touch one to see what it feels like, or had problem saying the name "God". This lady did not believe in anything but in the goodness of man. She was raised not to believe in God because He does not exist. Well, that changed when she met me. It did not take long for the love of Jesus to start casting out all the unbelief/doubt in her. The Holy Spirit began to open her eyes as she began to desire more and more information about the Lord and the peace that He gives. She would tell me how she recites every bible verse that we discussed whenever she finds herself in situations that warranted it. I've not seen anyone so hungry for the Word in a while. She asked Jesus into her life and when I gave her her first bible, both of us cried for joy. That was her first time in her life ever touching a bible not to talk about opening one. Then she asked me if it had where "Eve bit the apple". She was so excited about her gift and as our last meeting today, she had started reading. She bought me a gift today, a plaque with Jer.29:11 on it, and with a beautiful card that ended with "You opened my eyes to many things I could not see". She told me the purchase of the plaque was the first time in her life she looked at a christian item. I gave her a journal with bible verses today and the first question she asked was if it contain most of the verses I had shared with her. She remembered Phil. 4:6 and started looking for it in the journal pages. She was ecstatic when she found it and a few others. It was amazing watching the Holy Spirit at work thru us and the spiritual transformation in this young lady. Of a truth, the field is ripe. We are missionaries right here in our backyards. I almost turned this lady down when she tried to meet with me. Glory be to God that I did not. What an opportunity that would have been missed. Please join me in prayer for her and her family for strength and spiritual enrichment as they begin this journey.

- Jenny

Healed of Crohn's Disease
I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease on December 29, 2001. Over the past, a little over 10 years, I have gone through IV treatments, multiple medications and steroids, hospitalizations and blood transfusions. I was told by my physicians that there is no cure for the disease and I would have to be on medications for the rest of my life. It was just something I was going to have to learn to live with. But, I know I serve the ultimate physician and I never gave up on getting my healing. On April 23, 2012, I got the news I had been praying to hear for so long. After a procedure and blood work, I was told by my physician that there are NO SIGNS of the Crohn's Disease anywhere in my body. Not only that, but I could come completely off all medication, that I was previously told I would have to take for the rest of my life. We serve a mighty God. No matter what you're battling, never give up on the healing power of our Jehovah Rapha!

- Kristi

Treasure Hunt Testimony #3

I thank God for the divine opportunity that my grandson Kingston and I received on Saturday while entering Walmart in Ruston. Upon entering the store the presence of God engulfed me! I was like OMG! I proceeded to get a buggy and noticed that a group of women, young ladies and a young man praying for a lady. The Holy Spirit prompted me to stand in agreement with prayer. After they were done praying for the lady, I requested prayer for me and my grandson and a young lady prayed an earnest prayer while others touched and agreed! The young man went into his prayer language speaking directly to God and spoke life promises over my grandson! Amen! I know without a doubt that this was a divine appointment from God! My three "R's affirmation have been in full blown operations! REVIVED, REFRESHED, and RENEWED! I know it was nobody but God! May God continue to bless this ministry, in the name of Jesus! Amen!!!

- Yolanda

Treasure Hunt Testimony #2

April 21st, many of us met to seek the Lord for words of knowledge, and we hit the streets of Ruston to watch what God would do. I had several "clues" written down that the Lord had given me. These clues included the person's name, what they were wearing, and addictions this person was dealing with. A faithful member of the church and I went to the corner store on MLK drive. After talking to the first guy for a couple minutes I asked "What is your name?" To my surprise it was the same name I had written down on my paper! And the shirt he was wearing matched the description I was given. I showed him the paper and said, "Is that your name right there? Is that the shirt you are wearing?" I said, "Jesus sent me here to talk to you today." He replied, "I know when God is speaking to me". I said, "He is making it easy isn't he"? Then I asked, "Are you struggling with addictions?"  He agreed that he struggled with crack and alcohol addictions. We got the opportunity to pray for deliverance and the power to overcome. God knows our name! He knows where we are and what we are wearing! He knows our struggles, and He wants to meet us where we are, BUT He does NOT want to leave us there! He has the power to deliver!

- Richie

Treasure Hunt Testimony #1

Perseverance paid off.  I went back to Wal-Mart to do my grocery shopping and decided to keep my eyes open for a lady with a pink shirt and black pants or someone with Hungry Smacks cereal.  Those were the things I believe the Holy Spirit had given me.  Just as I was on my last aisle, a lady came on my aisle with (you guessed it) a pink shirt and black pants!

She had her back to me and I said, "Excuse me ma'am.  This may seem strange to you, but I am from South Parkway, and we have gone out into the community today to pray with people today.  On my list was a lady with a pink shirt and black pants.  You wouldn't think that would be hard to find you, but you are the first person I have seen with a pink shirt and black pants. May I pray for you?" 

Tears welled up and spilled over her face.  She said, "I have been under so much stress lately." She kept crying and apologizing for crying.  Long story short, I prayed with her, asked her if she knew Jesus.  She said yes, but that she had not been going to church like she should. I invited her. 

Now for the rest of the story - there were 3 teenagers with her from the Methodist Children's Home! A seed was planted in their hearts as well.  I would have prayed with also, but they began to move along. 

- Kathy C.

Healed after Pregnancy Complications 

Due to very severe complications of pregnancy, Christiana had to have an emergency cesarean section at 33 weeks to save both herself and her baby.  Praise the Lord.  Baby Blessing was discharged home from NICU at 1 week old instead of 4 weeks as initially planned.  Christiana went home after 8 days in the hospital, 3 days of which were in ICU. Glory to God.

- Christiana is the daughter of Martin & Jenny E. 

God Hears

Wednesday night I came to church seeking that God was listening to my need. As soon as I walked through the doors, I said God I need to know you hear me. I was facing a test the next day and asked God to let me know he was listening to me. As soon as I took my seat, the young lady stopped the music and said "their is someone hear tonight that is facing something big tomorrow, and God wants to let you know he hears you. He wants you to believe it in your heart and speak it with your mouth". I was in such awe that God cared that much to stop what everyone was doing to tell me that. God is awesome! I passed my test and was shown great favor!!!

- Marina

Set Free

I was a member of South Parkway a few years back. I put our Lord on the back burner for several years. I went through some very rough times, was in and out of mental hospitals and on several medications for bipolar. Last year I felt myself getting very depressed and was determined not to go back into the hospital. So I started going to a group session a few days a week and met this wonderful friend that had gone to South Parkway for several years. I told her that I used to go there, and she told me that she didn't have a ride to go anymore. So I asked her if she would go with me. I have received so many blessings from our Lord since coming back. I am doing much better with my bipolar. I am happy all the time and do not worry about the things that would bring me down in the past. I thank God and my friend for bringing back to the ministry. I love Pastor Chris' and Pastor Dallas' messages. They have showed me how I need to live my life. Praise God and the receiving of the Holy Spirit. 

Alive and Well

A prayer request was given for 82 year old, Kate W. who had open heart surgery last Tuesday, April 3, 2012.  She went into surgery at 10am and came out at 6:30pm due to her arteries collapsing and bleeding that could not be stopped in her heart.  Prayer started Wednesday per request as she was in critical ICU and not expected to do well.  I called and was finally able to speak to her the Saturday before Easter.  She was out of critical care and had just made her fourth trip walking down the hall!  She is now at the local hospital in her hometown and in rehab. She is expected to be able to go home with no problems!

- Testimony from Renea (Kate's daughter-in-law)

Healed of Back Pain

For about 3 weeks the only way to stand the pain in my back was laying down, sitting didn't help. I finally went to get a massage and it was painful, but helped some.  She said, "You have a pinched nerve in your back and need to call your doctor and go to PT." Each Saturday night as I prayed, I asked God to let me get up and feel well enough to dress for church, that if I was under the corporate worship and His anointing that I knew that would do it.  The first Sunday sitting down was worse, and it made my legs start hurting. The next Sunday I had said the same thing.  I don't remember how Dallas put it into words, but the meaning was the same, "Someone came today looking to receive something from God, and you are going to receive it." Monday morning I got up feeling wonderful and had no pain. God is not only our Savior and healer but so much more."

- Fran 

Surgery No Longer Needed

Riley was scheduled to have surgery on his ears to get tubes put in.  Pastor Chris laid hands on him and prayed.  We went back to the doctor last week.  The doctor stated Riley's ears looked great, and he didn't need surgery.

The Word Works

For the last year, I've been going through a battle, going back and forth to doctors, taking tests after tests. The ending results were not good. The growth may be cancer. The word "cancer" brings fear. It was like someone put there hand on my shoulder. I prayed. I read healing scriptures. I listened to healing scriptures on tapes all night for months. I stayed with the Word. On my next doctor's visit, I was at peace. I was told the growth had grown, and I needed to have surgery. He explained what would happen with this type of surgery: I wouldn't be able to speak or swallow, my jaw bone had to be broken, and I could end up having a tracheotomy. I was told the surgery would take 8 to 10 hours with 3 teams of surgeons. Praise God, the surgery was only 5 hours and only 1 team of surgeons used. In recovery I did so well I could speak, swallow and had no pain. I didn't need to go to the ICU unit. I went right to a room. Later I even ate a hamburger. Praise God. I think about the lesson I learned in Sunday School, to speak the Word, watch what I say, and be led by the Spirit. I stayed with the Word. It didn't happen over night, but it really helped me during this time. Praise God. Stay with the Word. The Word works.

Wednesday Night Services 

It was AWESOME! It has been awesome since we started the prayer meeting!!! I am having breakthrough in so many areas in my life- finances, worship, and health! Prayer Works!!!Thank you for allowing time at the Altar with God!

2-year-old boy Healed 

On February 28, South Parkway Church prayed for Sherree McCain's grandson who was diagnosed with Sepsis. He is now home from the hospital and doing much better!! Praise God!

Health Restored 

Thursday, I called for prayer. Couldn't eat nor drink. Was getting very, very weak. It looked like pockets of blood were scattered all inside my mouth and throat. My stomach reacted terribly. The left side of my neck was in great pain. Shortly afterwards, I knew prayers were being lifted as my infected ears started easing up, and the blood pockets started fading away. Friday morning, I called to give praise to the Lord. I don't know who was more excited, Linda Young or me!

God's Healing Power 

We prayed for Hunter this morning after he woke up with pus pockets all over his throat. I received a text during service that said, "It was like everything got better by the time the doctor came in. His throat looked different." 

Power of Prayer 

I have experienced loss of vision to the central part of my left eye. I have been standing on God's Word believing for a creative miracle. I recently went to my optometrist and he said, "there is improvement in that eye. Have you been doing anything?" My answer was only praying. His reply, "Well it is working." I know that God's promise of healing will be completely fulfilled.


For most of 2009 I've been depressed. This summer I accepted Jesus as my Savior. This past month I prayed to Him, and now I couldn't feel any better. I know it was God who healed me. 

Blood Pressure Back to Normal 

My mother has had to take blood pressure medication for years. The church has been praying for her, and now for the past month her blood pressure has been normal! 

Released from the Hospital

Beth from Tulsa, OK has a friend who goes to church at South Parkway. Beth had had a massive heart attack and was not expected to recover. She was put on a respirator, and her heart was leaking blood on both valves. The doctors said that Beth needed surgery, but there was no doctor around who would operate on her due to the fact that if she was taken off the respirator, she would die. Meanwhile, Beth's friend, who goes to South Parkway, had Pastor Chris pray for Beth, and mailed her an anointed handkerchief. Six weeks later, Beth was released from the hospital and is doing well! Praise God!

Delivered from Pain

Kathy had pain in her wrist for a few days and pain in her tale bone for two to three weeks.It's because of God's healing power that she can now say, "All pain is gone!" 

Lost Notebook Found 

On June 4, 2008, Pastor Chris prayed for a notebook that had been lost on the road to be returned. This notebook belonged to a contractor, and it contained all his bids and telephone numbers. It also had money in it; however, the contractors name was not written anywhere on the notebook.On June 6, 2008, the contractor had his notebook! Praise God!

Free from Leg Pain 

Tamica had suffered from pain in her leg for two years. On July 20, 2008, as she went to the altar, she was instantly healed of all pain!

Healed of Arthritis 

Diane had arthritis in her fingers for months that was very painful and made it hard for her to work. During one of our Wednesday night services, the swelling went down and now Diane's fingers feel great!

Delivered from Stomach Pains 

For the past year, Yvette has experienced pains in her stomach. She was prayed over on a Wednesday night and was healed! It has been approximately two weeks, and Yvette still has had no stomach pains!

No More Sleepless Nights 

For about the past two years, John has had sleepless nights. After receiving prayer for this situation, John has had the best sleep this past week than he has had in months!

Pain is Gone 

The past four days, Shaun has been having pain in his lower stomach. Now, Shaun has felt NO pain since being prayed for!

Abscessed Tooth Healed 

For three to four days, Danee had an abscessed tooth. She knew she was healed when, as she states," I had no pain after Bro. Witt laid hands on me. The next morning I had twinges of pain again and a little more swelling. I laid hands on my face and prayed and started praising God." Danee is now healed!

Blood Sugar is Normal 

Jean has had reflux and high blood sugar for three years. Her healing came when God touched her, and now, all pain is gone!

Pain from Spider Bite Leaves 

This past Saturday, May 31st, Judy was bitten by a spider. She came to church the next morning and was prayed over. Monday morning, the spider bite no longer hurt and began to fade.

Health Restored 

For two weeks, John has been having pain in his back. Sunday, June 4th, he came to be prayed for and to receive his healing. After being prayed for, John is healed and no longer has any back pain!

Basketball Injury is Healed 

For almost two years, Matthew has had problems with his right knee retaining fluid. For about a year, Matthew has been praying and believing God for healing, as well as speaking in faith concerning his knee. Sunday, June 4th, Pastor Chris laid hands on him and prayed for Matthew's healing. Instantly, all swelling left his knee, and Matthew has had no problems with his knees retaining fluid since!

Sense of Smell Returns 

Due to sinus surgeries, Kathy had lost her sense of smell.The summer of 2002, she asked God to heal her sense of smell because she knew it was needed. Over the years, Kathy trusted that God would restore her ability to smell. Over the past few months of 2008, she began to notice that her sense of smell had been restored! Praise God!


​Finances Provided for Living Situation

"About two months ago I found out that an offer had been made to the lady that owns the land my trailer is on and she recommended me start looking for somewhere to move it. Soooo my plan was to borrow the money to move it from bank and just move it beside my sister's house and tie into what I could and stay there until I could afford an acre or two to put the house temp.

The health dept would not approve it and there was no way around this. So I began to panic! Every single other spot I looked at I kept coming up to a brick wall with NO'S. I prayed and had peace and decided I would not worry about it. Then I had the idea I would just move it to a mobile home park. All of the nicer ones were full and the really nice ones wouldn't accept my home due to its age. The bank wanted to loan me the money to pay off my house and move, which was perfect in my eyes. But it didn't work out due to having to get insurance plus have an exact address. It became a headache QUICK! So then I began to panic, again. I didn't know how I was going to come up with the money I needed to keep my home. 
I started worrying I was going to lose the house I worked so hard for and the house I've raised my daughter in. DEPRESSING... 

BUT then I went on vacation and promised myself NO WORRYING or stressing. I used my credit card, only 200 for whole trip was available. My boss called me in his office the Friday before I left and handed me an envelope and said to have a great time and told me he appreciated my hard work. In the envelope was a $100 bill! This made my day! Now I wouldn't be so tight on money at vacation. Then I posted my bow for sale online for a little more extra cash and it sold in two days! I had $250 and was able to enjoy my vaca completely without stress of money. 

I got a text while in Branson from loan officer and she told me she could loan me $1,500 that would cover moving costs and I accepted. I still had to come up with $275 just to put in the application at the mobile home park I had chosen for me and my daughter to live at. She said two people were about to move out but I needed to put in an application and deposit so I could be next. Well today the PA I work with handed me an envelope and told me 'Sarah I'm giving you this and you have to take it. Me and my husband want you to have this...' Of course I argued, but she won. I got home a little while ago and opened the envelope and it was the exact amount of the deposit! 

Tomorrow I meet with the owner and sign application and put deposit down on a lot for us!!! I've been tithing my 10% plus donating to 88.7 for months now. I've been praying for a financial breakthrough and for this living situation to be done. Even when I worried I knew deep down God has a plan and it's always a good plan. Even when I saw NO WAY OUT, He always held my hand and helped me. He has been so so faithful to me and my daughter. It is so overwelming. I don't know how but my last check almost doubled!!! I'm almost a month ahead in bills. After these next two checks we will not be struggling as bad and I cannot explain how good that feels!!!!!!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!" - Sarah

Benefits of Tithing

"Our money has been really tight. I have been tithing faithfully and tonight when I came home from work there were 2 checks in the mail totalling $530.67! They were from my short term disability from over 2 years ago when I had reconstructive surgery on my right foot. This was completely unexpected andl it's all God. I know he will take care of all of our needs." - Mike

Job Provided in Oil Field

"A year ago me and my husband were planning and getting ready to get married in October. We had been looking for houses and found one not to far from Ruston. The day we were supposed to go look at it my husband got a call that he was being laid off from the oilfield. We were in such a panic we felt so defeated and had no idea what our next steps would be.

We got married and ended up moving in with our parents, which no married couple could imagine, but it was amazing. We had such a loving caring family and good support group. Months went by and still he had a hard time finding a job. My income was not enough to handle bills and the bills felt like they just kept coming and coming and we could not catch a break.

We started to give up and just lose hope all together. We decided it was time to let it go and put it all in God's hands. We started tithing and praying together and reading the bible together more.

A few weeks ago we came to church and Pastor Dallas started saying he felt promotions and positive things to happen at work. A few days later my husband revived a call from a guy he works with in the oil field telling him there may be a spot soon. We talked about it and decided if it is meant to be, God will provide him with that opportunity and we just prayed about it. 

On my way home from work yesterday I spoke to God. I prayed out loud in my car and thanked him for what he had done for us and how thankful I was for all we had. I prayed for 20 minutes or so just having some time with God that was much needed. 

Today my husband received a call that he had gotten a job back in the oilfield and needed to be there next week. At that moment I immediately prayed and thanked God for his blessing!! 

At first we were not sure much about what Tithing was. We prayed about it and decided it was a step we wanted to take. And like God says in Malachi 3:10 'Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. And thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need.' We thank God for all his blessings!!" - Lacey

Needs Provided

"About two months ago I found out that an offer had been made to the lady that owns the land my trailer is on and she recommended me start looking for somewhere to move it. Soooo my plan was to borrow the money to move it from bank and just move it beside my sister's house and tie into what I could and stay there until I could afford an acre or two to put the house temp.

The health dept would not approve it and there was no way around this. So I began to panic! Every single other spot I looked at I kept coming up to a brick wall with NO'S. I prayed and had peace and decided I would not worry about it. Then I had the idea I would just move it to a mobile home park. All of the nicer ones were full and the really nice ones wouldn't accept my home due to its age. The bank wanted to loan me the money to pay off my house and move, which was perfect in my eyes. But it didn't work out due to having to get insurance plus have an exact address. It became a headache QUICK! So then I began to panic, again. I didn't know how I was going to come up with the money I needed to keep my home. 
I started worrying I was going to lose the house I worked so hard for and the house I've raised my daughter in. DEPRESSING... 

BUT then I went on vacation and promised myself NO WORRYING or stressing. I used my credit card, only 200 for whole trip was available. My boss called me in his office the Friday before I left and handed me an envelope and said to have a great time and told me he appreciated my hard work. In the envelope was a $100 bill! This made my day! Now I wouldn't be so tight on money at vacation. Then I posted my bow for sale online for a little more extra cash and it sold in two days! I had $250 and was able to enjoy my vaca completely without stress of money. 

I got a text while in Branson from loan officer and she told me she could loan me $1,500 that would cover moving costs and I accepted. I still had to come up with $275 just to put in the application at the mobile home park I had chosen for me and my daughter to live at. She said two people were about to move out but I needed to put in an application and deposit so I could be next. Well today the PA I work with handed me an envelope and told me 'Sarah I'm giving you this and you have to take it. Me and my husband want you to have this...' Of course I argued, but she won. I got home a little while ago and opened the envelope and it was the exact amount of the deposit! 

Tomorrow I meet with the owner and sign application and put deposit down on a lot for us!!! I've been tithing my 10% plus donating to 88.7 for months now. I've been praying for a financial breakthrough and for this living situation to be done. Even when I worried I knew deep down God has a plan and it's always a good plan. Even when I saw NO WAY OUT, He always held my hand and helped me. He has been so so faithful to me and my daughter. It is so overwelming. I don't know how but my last check almost doubled!!! I'm almost a month ahead in bills. After these next two checks we will not be struggling as bad and I cannot explain how good that feels!!!!!!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!" - Sarah

Dream Come True

"My husband Jeremy and I are both RN's and stay home with our children. About eight years ago, Jeremy came to me and said he was feeling led by God to go back to school. I remember praying together and telling him the kids and I would stand by him no matter what the Lord had planned. I also remember finding out I was pregnant with our fourth child soon after. Jeremy had to work nights full-time and go to school. We had many setbacks, delays and illnesses. We even had several deaths. There were times when people around us didn't understand why we kept going. Jeremy never got down. He never complained and he never gave up. It took eight years and he is now a Master of Science and a Family Nurse Practitioner. God gave Jeremy a dream and the strength and courage to see it through! We have been and will continue to be blessed by the Lord!"
- Jeremy and Shea

Check in the Mail

"My husband and I believe in giving and tithing. God consistently honors our giving. A few weeks ago I began to worry about money. I was letting it really get to me. After a particular worrisome day, I checked the mail, and we got a refund check for a medical bill I thought we would actually owe on! So there was no debt, and we had much more than enough. God's grace is amazing, even in my worry. He showed me who He is and told me 'Why worry? Don't be ridiculous!' - Sarah

Surprise Check in the Mail

"I've been attending SPC for over a year now. I've heard several testimonies of people receiving suprise checks in the mail unexpectedly. I've tried to be a faithful tither and believed God for everything in my life. First, on November 7th, we bought our first house. Today, I go check the mail and in there is a suprise check! Nothing but God working in my life. I've learned to trust Him with any and everything in my life and He never fails! Thank you!" - Brooke S.

Job Provided

"It's been so long since good things have have happened to me. I figured I would share this. Kennedy and I have been faithfully attending church and church related functions for a while now. Today I finally got a blessing that could only be the sent from the good Lord above. I am now a third grade teacher! Woohoo!"

- Shanda B.

Unexpected Money

On a flight back from South Korea, Min was lead to give money to a Korean pastor. Although she didn’t really want to at first, she obeyed the Lord anyway. When she arrived home, a total of $10,000 was given to her unexpectantly!

- Min I.

Job Provided

I have been without a job since May. I was hurt but believed that God had something better for me. Over these months God has provided for and blessed my family. The Tuesday during our Come Alive conference I was offered a great job and I excepted and God is totally restoring those things that satan thought he stole. Praise God the PROVIDER!!!!

- G.W.

All Expenses Paid

"My husband and I seem to have more vehicle troubles than we can handle. My newest vehicle, which is under warranty, had to be put in the shop a few days ago. I cried so many tears because I was ready to give up. Yesterday at church, Pastor Dallas was talking about how Satan tries to throw things at us all the time and how we have to tell him that God owns everything we have. I listened and cried during service praying that God take control of this situation and that it was going to be alright. I came home and told Satan to get back! He was NOT going to worry me any longer. I believed that this warranty was going to cover ALL expenses. I called today to check on my vehicle, and the lady told me that the warranty WILL cover all expenses except maybe the taxes. ALL praise be to God!! I am believing that the taxes are covered as well because I know my God is able. I will never let the devil steal my joy! Everything I own is God's!! I feel like that message was for me, and I am so thankful for such an awesome church." 

- Brooke

Unexpected Money in the Mail

"I was short in funds to pay bills this month.  My daughter was married, and I didn't realize I had spent too much money.  I went to the mailbox yesterday, and as I walked I said, "God, just $100 would help."  In the mailbox was a check for $154!  Every penny I get, I tithe 10% off of, no matter how large or small the amount."

- Renea

Medical Bills Paid

"Me and my girlfriend attended Easter services at South Parkway.  I had recently lost my job, and my girlfriend had recently been hospitalized and had a hospital bill of over $20,000 that we could not pay. She saw the video that was played about depression and how the person in the video was healed.  She went down and rededicated her life to God.  We both asked God to help us with our finances. When we got back home to Baton Rouge, she got a letter in the mail saying that the financial aid that she applied for paid 100% of all the medical bills. The next day, I received my final paycheck, and the company went ahead and paid out my yearly bonus of over $10,000. Don't tell me God isn't at South Parkway. One visit and the blessings of God flooded our lives. I still haven't found a new job so we will have to drive from Baton Rouge for our next blessing..lol. God is an awesome God and South Parkway is where He lives."

- Kevin

Promoted at Work

"I had been tithing, but sometimes paid less cause my wages were small.  I changed that and starting taking 10% out first.  I received a $0.25 an hour raise.  I was disappointed, but I still thanked God for my increase.  Monday of this week (11/26/12) I was promoted to a managers position!  I have not received notice of my pay increase, but I understand it is good!"

Tithing Works

"About a month ago, I got a job in Monroe at Claire's in the mall. I knew the importance of tithing, and I had been struggling financially.  So as I tithed, I asked God to pour out blessings on me..  After only ONE MONTH of working here I got offered a promotion! And of course with that came a PAY RAISE! Is that not awesome?! I'm now a "key holder" at Claire's, and I could not be happier. This just proves if you give 10% and do all things as you do unto God, He will bless you. God truly blessed me and I know this is only the beginning! All glory be to God!"

- Leslie

Business is Growing

"In December, 2011, my Mom and I started a hobby that we did not think would manifest into anything that would bring monetary gain. To me, the hobby was therapeutic and kept my mind off of the current situation my family and I were facing. My Mom and I started a Facebook page advertising our products and soon we couldn't make our products fast enough! We have had continued success and repeat business over the year. I prayed recently that God would excel our business to another level and that we would be exposed in a bigger way! Yesterday, HE ANSWERED MY PRAYER! I am putting our items in a shop in downtown Ruston on Monday! Who would have thought that a hobby would have turned into something so big? God did! My husband and I are believing and trusting in God for our next entrepreneurial blessing! We know we are anointed to be business owners on a level this world is not familiar with for the Glory and fame of God! He is always on time!"

- Brandy

Unexpected Business

"I started a small business at the end of April. I have been my only customer. Last night, Chip Brim prayed for small businesses. This morning I had one online order and a random customer to call me and order over $200 worth of products."

- Zan

New Customers

"Since the prayer that Chip Brim prayed over business owners God has blessed me with new customers as well as old customers returning! All to the Glory of God!"

- K.C.

Money Provided

"Last year in June, I was rear ended by a man, and it totaled my car. The insurance company didn't want to pay off the amount of payments remaining on my car because they claimed the man wasn't insured under them. After almost a year they finally agreed to pay, and I was left with a check for the extra left over. I tithed the money; bought new tires; and put the $1,000 I had left over in my bank account to save. Around this time, Dallas asked me if I wanted to go on the mission trip to the Dominican Republic which cost $1,500. I knew I had the $1,000 saved, but didn't know how I would come up with the $500 by May 28 and still manage to pay my bills. I told Dallas I wanted to go, but wasn't sure if I'd have enough money. Dallas said he was gonna pray that I would receive an unexpected amount of money that would allow me to go. I agreed and prayed this that same night. I took my step of faith the next day and paid the $1,000 for the trip and bought my passport. I still had no idea how I'd come up with the remaining $500, have money to take down there with me, and continue to pay my bills. But I believed it would be supplied and continued believing for it. This past Tuesday, I received a phone call informing me I had received a check from an insurance company regarding my wreck for an extra $2,681. I immediately knew it was God supplying my need because I was believing for an unexpected amount of money and receiving over $2,000 from an insurance company when I had to wait almost a year just to get a pay-off for my car was a definite unexpected blessing. My mission trip is now paid off, and I have money left over in the bank." 

- Emily

Paid in Full

"What man said would never happen - happened! God gave us favor 8 years ago to purchase 130 acres of land. Satan tried to steal some of the land from us, but through God's grace, His Word, and perseverance, satan was defeated! This week the land will be paid in full 2 years earlier than originally planned. All to the glory of God! Praise His Holy Name!"

- K.C.

House Provided

"Last summer we lived in a house that wasn't in the best of shape. No good heat or air. On Wed. nights Pastor taught on believing God and speaking into life what you pray for. For two months I prayed and spoke a new home, I believed it and I thanked him everyday! I would praise him just as if I received a phone call that we had a new home. We had no finances to get a new home, but I believed with all my heart that God would provide. I packed up my home and just trusted and waited on God. I didn't know where we would move or when but I was packed and ready to go. August last year, we moved into a new home. We have central air and heat. Everyday I thank God for our home!!!"

- Marina

Rewards of Living for God 

"I attended and played basketball for McNeese State in Lake Charles, LA for three years. My major was Education. Because of certain circumstances I had to leave one year short of graduating. It has been over a year, and though I have not started back to school, I have turned my life around 100%. I live for Him and nothing else. Also, God has blessed me with a wonderful, God-fearing husband, and we were blessed with a healthy baby girl in 2009. So all of these great things have happened in my life since I turned back to Him, and one more thing. I start back in school at Tech, March 9, 2010! He is a great God and an on time God! Yes, He is!"

Financial Needs Met

"This past spring I knew I would need God's help in meeting many financial needs this summer. I wrote down on a piece of paper the exact amounts of money that I would need, and I brought all of my needs before God by faith, believing that He would meet them all. It is now the middle of the summer, and God has been meeting every financial need that I have had. Glory to God! He is so good, and He is faithful!"

God's Unmerited Favor

Scott began to look for a certain kind of job in a new field a couple of months ago. Two weeks ago, he was on the verge of taking a good job in the new field when he got a call about a different position. He was offered the new job the next day. The job pays over double what he was expecting, is in management, and requires no travel. Scott can only attribute this to God's unmerited favor!

Financially Blessed

After three years in a temporary position as an assistant professor of Nursing at Louisiana Tech, a full-time position came available this summer for Lucy. She applied for the job and was interviewed for position. Lucy was offered the position and was given a $3,000 raise! Also, Lucy and her husband Jerry had a home for sale which sold in ten days for $30,000 more than they paid for it! God is amazing and they continue to praise Him for His provision.

Unexpected Money Received

After sowing the $1,000 seed faith during the devotion conference, Diane received $806.93 of unexpected money the next week!

Free Mower

After taking a brother-in-Christ home last Sunday, Karen noticed two lawn mowers sitting on the side of the road by his house. She asked the man what was wrong with them, and he told her that they weren't working properly. Because the man no longer wanted the mowers, he gave them both to Karen. Karen prayed to God that she wouldn't have any problems with her mower and for it to run until her entire yard was mowed. When Karen tried out the mower, her prayers were answered and her lawn is mowed!