Men's Lifegroups


Grab some tacos, be encouraged, and make friends!


Leader(s): Dallas Witt 318-548-2450


Who: Men

When: Fridays at 12PM

Where: Taco Bell 

              301 W California Ave, Ruston


Childcare: No

Having Fun With Bud

Join me for some fun!


Leader(s): Buddy Cobb 318-557-6109


Who: Men

When: Thursday 6PM

Where: TBD (Varies)


Childcare: No

Men's Breakfast

Eating & Encouraging at McDonalds by County Market


Leader(s): Tim Beal 318-548-7540


Who: Men

When: Saturday 8:30 AM

Where: McDonald's Ruston (South)

             400 S Trenton St, Ruston


Childcare: No

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