Student Lifegroups

Girls (ages 8-12)

Bible study, devotion, and hang out!


Leader(s): Emma and Paisley Witt 318-548-5612 (Contact Number is Pastor Paige Witt)


Who: Girls (ages 8-12)

When: Thursday 4:00 PM

Where: Emma's House


Childcare: No

Discussing Women

High school girls getting together to discuss being a woman.


Leader(s): Lexie Goss & Anna Richardson 318-278-9684


Who: High School Girls

When: Sundays @ 5 PM

Where: Richardson House


Childcare: No

Book/Bible Study

A group gathered around Bible and Book reading.


Leader(s): Katelyn Sparks 318-265-9586


Who: Teens & PreTeens

When: Saturdays @ 5 PM

Where: 4410 Hwy 818 Ruston


Childcare: Yes

Teen Girls


Leader(s): Krystle Buggs


Who: Teen Girls

When: TBA

Where: TBA


Childcare: TBA

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