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ages 4-12

life kids

4 to 5 year-olds

From illustrated Bible lessons to comical puppet skits, your children learn God's Word in bite-size bits. Classes coincide with all of our regular weekend and mid-week adult services. 

6 to 12 year-olds

Your children will love coming to church as they learn about God on a level they can easily understand. Here children will build relationships with each other and come to love God, love people, and serve others. With the help of puppets, skits, praise and worship, and object lessons, children learn just how good God is.

Classes coincide with all of our regular weekend and mid-week adult services.



THINK TANK is the series that LifeKids will be studying through the month of January. The kids will learn each week about the connection between knowledge and God's character. God is the author of knowledge. Everything we know to be true about the world is because of God. And while we
may never know all there is to know ABOUT God, there are lots of ways we can get to KNOW God. We want parents to be as involved as possible and be able to reinforce the lessons at home.

take home point

Our main idea in this series is knowing God. Learning something new is important so you can be better at whatever you do. We can know God best through Jesus, who showed us how much God loves us and showed why knowledge is so important. The more we know God, the better we can live God’s way each day.

Here's a quick week to week overview of our lessons.

Week 1

Never stop searching for what’s true.

The Wise Men Visit Jesus  Matthew 2:1-12

Week 2

Knowing God is the most important thing.

Boy Jesus at the Temple  Luke 2:41-52

Week 3

When you discover something new, it can change you.

Jesus’ Baptism  John 1:19-42, John 3:22-36
(supporting: Matthew 3)

Week 4

Remembering what’s true can help you make the wise choice.

Jesus Is Tempted in the Desert  Luke 4:1-13
(supporting: Matthew 4:1-11)

Week 5

If you don’t understand something, ask.

John the Baptist in Prison  Matthew 11:1-6
(supporting: James 1:5)



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